About Us

Hey guys!

It’s Andrea here – the owner and creator of Birdie and Peppers Skin Care!

Being in the beauty industry from a young age, I have gotten to meet so many interesting people, all across the U.S. During my travels I’ve heard so many people tell me about their skin, and many of them were desperate to find something that actually worked for them. For a lot of people, their skin is a big problem.

While learning sales and gaining experience, I sold many products that claimed to “help your skin.” Some products actually did help improve skin conditions and even moisturize, but none of them did both and all of them were water based.

About Birdie & Peppers Skincare

Most skin care products contain up to 70% water, which is used to dilute the product. Water can make your skin dryer and does not allow the nutrients in the product to penetrate your skin. That is the reason you have to continuously apply it to your skin, sometimes more than once per day.

I wanted something different. Something more effective, not water-based and free of harmful chemicals and additives. I wanted something that would help all types of skin and last all day long. And most importantly, I wanted something that would last all day!

So I decided to create my own skin care company and feature nothing but the best products with the best ingredients I could find, and fulfilled my passion to help others!

I decided to call the company Birdie and Peppers Skincare. It was named after my two lovely daugthers – Birdie and Peppers – their nicknames.

Birdie and Peppers Hibiscus Rosehip Cream is not water based, so it can seep into and penetrate your skin, repairing the skin on a cellular level, not only on the surface. One application will go a really long way towards moisturizing and protecting your skin as well as helping to heal, lift and repair.

Our 8oz jar will last you up to 6 months, so it is a really cost effective investment.

Another thing I observed in my travels is that people are not really accustomed to reading labels and ingredients but instead impulse buy a product because of its label or brand name.

Birdie and Peppers ingredients are actually good for you and can indeed help the largest organ in your body which is your skin! This cream can repair and heal your skin and not just make it feel nice temporarily.

The reason why this cream is so effective is due to its super star ingredients!!!!

Hibiscus Rosehip Moisturizing Cream
Rosehip Hibiscus Moisturizing Cream

Our flagship product is scent-free, moisturizes all day, helps lift and tone the skin and lasts up to 3 months long.




Lifts, Tones
& Repairs

For All
Skin Types

Vegan, Paraben-Free
Made in the U.S.A.

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