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Being in the beauty industry from a young age, I have gotten to meet so many interesting people, all across the U.S. During my travels I’ve heard so many people tell me about their skin, and many of them were desperate to find something that actually worked for them. For a lot of people, their skin is a big problem.

While learning sales and gaining experience, I sold many products that claimed to “help your skin.” Some products actually did help improve skin conditions and even moisturize, but none of them did both and all of them were water based.


our products

We believe in every product we sell and believe that you will love your skin when you find the products that work for you. Try Birdie and Peppers today.  

our quality

All products are made in the USA and:



All Birdie and Peppers products are vegan.



Parabens can irritate the skin and cause irritation, so you will not find any in our products.



Gluten can cause allergies in some skin, so we left it out of our products.



Phthalates can be harmful to the skin. All of our products are free from these chemicals.

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